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Saturday, December 1st, Amritesh responses Views. In this post I will discuss the process related to Pension Calculation. One may refer to my earlier posts related to EPS in the link provided below Employees Pension Scheme Series The same is set aside as per the ruling on 1st April,19, clarification is awaited. Pensionable Salary was hiked from Rs w. While calculating Pensionable Salary we have to take the average of monthly pay drawn during 60 months preceding the date of cessation of membership.

As of 1st Aprilthe Pensionable Salary is to be calculated on last 12 months salary. The actual pension should be multiplied by following factor to arrive at the actual pension which may be received by the Subscriber. Individuals may now defer their Pension till the age of 60 years with or without contribution to EPS Fund. Contribution made by the Subscribers during the deferral period will be used for calculating the Pensionable Service and Contribution Period.

But same would not be considered to determine the Pensionable Service or Contribution Period. Furthermore, the deferred period will not be considered for determining the eligibility for Pension.

A member may opt to draw Reduced Pension and avail Return of Capital under following alternatives. The above amount is the benefit payable on completion of 58 years of age as on For the calculation of pension benefits before 58 years if a member do not complete 58 years of age on If member has joined after Note:- Pensionable Salary comprises of average of last 60 months salary, thereby in the above illustration it will include Rs for first 12 months which has been ignored to make the calculation simple and easy to understand.

As of 1st April,the Pensionable Salary calculation on last 60 months salary has been set aside. Thus 12 months salary needs to be considered. However, the clarification from EPFO is awaited.

EPF Calculator

This article is for informational purpose only. The blog does not claim accuracy of the facts or calculation shown. Readers are advised to research further to have more clarity on the topic. It is very important to do your own analysis and consult your Financial Advisor before arriving at any conclusion. If your salary is under 15k pm and covered under EPF or you are already enrolled under EPS then you will eligible for Pension irrespective of other pension schemes you have subscribed.

How to calculate pension under Employees Pension Scheme

EPS calculation they are calculating pension in four heads. Ignoring all my earlier service, I have applied for Superannuation Pension. As per formula Pensionable Salary X Pen. But Provident Fund Authorities have sanctioned an amount of Rs. Which is correct or not kindly clarify.

Pension is calculated on the Average Salary of last 60 months. In this case find out the average of the salary for last 5 years and then calculate your pension benefits. In the above scenario, if employee not happy to take monthly pension. No, the option has been withdrawn.You see a regular contribution from your employer towards EPS every month.

And you have been told that this is a mandatory contribution towards your retirement pension. But, have you ever wondered Not many know their potential EPS payouts. And to be honest, EPS is not that straightforward to calculate as it's driven by a number of rules that have changed quite a bit over the years. I have also created what I believe is the most comprehensive EPS calculator available right now anywhere and you can use this calculator to help you estimate your pension amount quite easily.

EPS stands for Employee Pension Scheme and is geared towards providing a guaranteed monthly payout for employees of organized sector.

The key points with respect to this scheme are as follows:. Not many know all the rules and formulas governing these calculations and hence they won't know the exact monthly amount they will get at retirement. Not knowing this exact amount may hamper what is otherwise a good retirement planning process. To be fair, the EPS calculation is not that straightforward.

Especially, if you started your job prior to Nov 16th, This is because a different pension scheme was in effect prior to that date. Now, anybody who started their job post Nov 15, will be covered under the second scheme and hence the calculation is relatively simpler.

However, employees who started their job prior to Nov 16, and have continued past that date are supposed to be covered under both the schemes.

How much Pension will you get with EPS (with EPS Calculator)

Their pension will be calculated separately for both the schemes under different rules and using different formulas and then added. This will change calculations. Let's look at two key scenarios - first where you joined on or after Nov 16, and the second where you joined prior to that date Rather, it's the amount that you have actually been contributing towards your EPS over the years. Whatever your contribution has been for the last 60 months, an average of same will be considered as your Pensionable Salary.Further, enter an expected growth rate in your salary until your retirement, which will help you to increase EPF contribution every year.

Rate of Interest on EPF is revised yearly you can change it as per your future expectation.

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It easily calculates the return on your EPF contribution within no time. EPF Calculator is an online tool and hence can be used anywhere anytime.

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Your monthly contributions towards your EPF account creates a balance for yourself. We will discus their process in detail at the end. This your contribution towards your retirement corpus of EPF. The employer also bears 3 additional costs i.

This is also equal to your salary growth rate. In other words, enter the percent at which you expect your salary to grow. This in turn will lead to growth in your EPF contribution. Currently, the following three schemes are in operation under the EPF Act ofand it is into these trusts that your monthly contributions go:. Retaining Allowance means allowance payable for the time being to an employee of any factory or other establishment during any period in which the establishment is not working, for retaining his services.

An employee provident fund is created, through contributions, to provide financial support to individuals above a certain age, such as post retirement age or the incapacitation of the employee to continue working either temporarily or permanently. Contributions are made on a monthly basis, by both employees and employers, thereby encouraging employees to save a portion of their salary each month.

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Investments made by a vast number of employees across India are pooled together and invested by a trust. The EPF is a tax-free investment instrument for the salaried class having an Exempt-Exempt-Exempt status The contributions made by the employee eligible for tax deductions under Section 80 C, the interest earned on the total investments and the withdrawal including partial withdrawals for specific expenses are exempt from the purview of taxation.

Pension Calculation Under Employees’ Pension Scheme

In this fund the employer and the Central Government contribute a defined amount every month with the sole objective of providing regular pension to the employee post retirement. You as an employee do not contribute to your own Pension Scheme, this is contributed by your employer and by the Central Government. Your employer contributes 8. The EPS provides you with regular annuity after your retirement.

eps pension calculator

One such way which comes in handy at times when you do not have an active online connection is via SMS or missed calls. For this you will need to have an activated UAN number. EPFO recently launched a mobile app for PF balance tracking riding on the mobile application trend in the Indian market.

The mobile app helps to check the EPF balance and generate an account statement. The mobile app currently in the market is only available for the android version.

The best part is, UAN is a unique number assigned to each employee and remains permanent even when you switch your employment. The members who do not have smart phone can activate their UAN account by sending an SMS to from the comfort of their mobile phones which would enable them to avail all UAN related facilities.

LAN denotes the first three character of the preferred language in which the member desires to get the details. A missed call service has been launched for those members who have activated their UAN. Such members can give a missed call to to fetch the details about their accounts. The government has taken necessary steps to offer UAN upfront to employees thus paving the way to experience the next generation of e-enabled services of EPFO.

The UAN number makes it simple to track your funds even while you move from one organisation to another at any point of time. You, too, can follow these steps and complete the hassle-free transfer procedure:.About Aditya Birla Capital. Aditya Birla Capital Limited is the holding company of all financial services businesses. The information available on www.

EPS Pension Calculation -- रिटायरमेंट के बाद Monthly Pension Calculate करने का तरीका

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The minimum pension per month is fixed at Rs 1, while the maximum monthly pension amount is Rs 7, Out of the 12 per cent contribution made by the employer towards employee PF, not the entire portion goes into the provident fund. With basic salary for pension purpose capped at Rs 15, 8.

The amount of monthly pension depends on the number of years of service and a fixed formula. EPS calculator As the pensionable salary is capped at Rs 15, the maximum monthly pension is also capped as per the formula. Here, Pensionable Salary is capped at Rs 15, and service period at 35 years.

eps pension calculator

Therefore, irrespective of actual years that one has worked and the monthly basic salary, the maximum monthly pension would be Rs 7, To be eligible for EPS pension from age 58, one has to complete a service period of at least ten years. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Financial Express is now on Telegram. Click here to join our channel and stay updated with the latest Biz news and updates.

The maximum monthly pension under EPS is Rs 7, Here is how to calculate how much will you earn. Stock Market. With figures of income, deductions, taxes removed, ITR-V can no longer be used as an income proof.

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Also, I have made the Excel version of these calculators to download. Use this calculator to know the Pension amount after the age of You would be eligible for the pension only after completing 10 years of EPF membership. This calculator is only for the EPS scheme It does not calculate for the family pension scheme All the employees who have joined after are part of this scheme.

If you have been EPF member for 15 years and 7 months, your pensionable duration would be 16 years. But If the duration would have been 15 years and 5 months, The pensionable duration would be only 15 years. If you have completed 20 years of EPF membership, you would get 2 years bonus for the pension calculation.

I have factored in this bonus in the calculator hence, you are not required to add it yourself. Note, the pension contribution is 8. This amount is 8. That is why the pension amount would be the same whether your salary is 15, or 50, The above calculator has taken note of this point as well. In such a scenario, you would get back your pension contribution. This amount is called as the Pension Benefit. The pension benefit is decided on the basis of Table. The EPF interest rate does not apply to this amount.

I have given the table below.

eps pension calculator

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eps pension calculator

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